Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The start of school.

The start of the school year has not been as well as expected, so far. :(
Junior year is actually more work than I thought, and it is pretty stressful. From physics to tech, it's all a struggle.
...until I realized something that inspired me to appreciate everything that I do and take advantage of the ability that I have to work hard and succeed. Though everything may seem stressful, I am capable of doing it all. Everything in life has its own purpose, and in order to understand these purposes, we must reveal them by working hard. Everyone fails, some more than others, but it is the ability to get back up and picking up where you left off. One must work hard for a valuable triumph. I've realized that I've been lucky to actually have all these responsibilities; it actually gives me a sense of purpose. It also feels really good after knowing that you've completed something good for yourself. Optimism is key in doing well. With a positive attitude, and a determined mind, anything is possible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First blog.

So this is my first blog and I didn't know what to write until I was pondering about on the internet and I came across a quote, which hit me as soon as I read it.

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."
— Margaret Fuller
Starting this blog was an assignment for the newly designed Web2.0 class at Bonner Prendie Catholic High School in collaboration with Van Meter in Iowa. Two seemingly average individuals share their knowledge with young adults to help expand the idea of social networking and enlighten them to new perspectives of the internet.With the leadership of Mr. Brannick and Mrs. Miller, doors have been opened to new opportunities and broader horizons throughout the web that I never would have imagined. Plain and simple. 
It's so great to know that there are actually people out there willing to share knowledge and inspire young adults, like myself, to take advantage of the tools available today for positive outcomes.
It was only right that someone took the initiative to acknowledge educators like Mrs. Miller and Mr. Brannick for doing such a wonderful job on their journey to leading kids to better and greater success. (: